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Addiction Recovery Centre Edmonton

Who are we

Our House is a registered charity that seeks to provide support and guidance to people experiencing addiction since 1984


Our House is home to a residential recovery program for men, weekly 12 step recovery meetings, “Men in Recovery,” mental health first aid, and “Understanding Anger.”


Our House has a list of prerequisites before enrolling in the residential recovery program. Click below to see how to enrol.

Our House relies on the generosity of the community to provide the high quality of care we strive to achieve.

What Makes Our House Different?

Our House is a residential recovery centre for men 18 years and older with substance and/or alcohol use disorders. Our House is a long-term treatment facility and clients can stay for approximately one year. Our House is currently capable of providing individualized and person-centred, recovery-oriented care for clients.


The clinical program is equipped with an array of tailored and person-centred services individual clients’ needs, while respecting client’s individual health goals, beliefs, preferences, and values.


Our licensed clinical staff understands the biological, psychological, and social determinants of substance use disorders, all of which may vary considerably among individuals. Our clinicians use evidence-based approaches to treat clients’ needs, including a trauma-informed approach. Most importantly, each client is treated with dignity and respect.


Clients at Our House will be screened comprehensively before, during and after the program for co-occurring physical and mental health conditions, which often poses critical barriers to an individual’s journey towards recovery.


As the field of addiction and mental health continually learns, grows, and evolves, Our House is also listening, learning, and growing. As a result, we are fully committed to enhancing continuity of care by developing productive relationships with our friends and colleagues in other key areas such as harm reduction, housing/income support services, psychiatry, and more in effort in enhance continuity care so that ensuring that all people with substance use disorders can receive timely and evidence-based care.


The cost of our residential recovery program is fully covered, and clients do not have to pay for services.


We are more than happy to accept clients who are on opioid agonist medication and any/all forms of medications as prescribed by their physician.



22210 Stony Plain Rd

Edmonton, AB

T5S 2C3 

Intake Email: intake@ourhouseedmonton.com

Career Inquiries: operations@ourhouseedmonton.com

Tel: 780-474-8945

Fax: +780 479-2271

Contacting and Visiting Residents

All mail should be sent to our address. All parcels are to be opened with counsellor supervision and assistance.

If you are trying to contact a resident at Our House, please call 780-474-8945. Due to privacy legislation, you will only be able to leave a message.

The following are the times visiting a resident is permissible:

Monday-Thursday: 4:30pm-10:00pm

Friday: 4:30pm-11:00pm

Saturday: 8:30am-11:00pm

Sunday: 8:30am-10:00pm

Visitors are allowed in the main building, porch, and back yard only.


Privacy legislation prevents us from verifying if someone is staying at Our House. This means that clients have to be waiting for you; we cannot get them for you.

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