Our Team at Our House

Our House Addiction Recovery Centre is run by a dedicated team of employees from cooks to counsellors, and overseen by our Board of Directors made up of community members and local professionals.

Our Staff

Rebecca Bernard - Program Director
Dr. Tyler Marshall - Director of Operations

Payton Lundquist - Outreach Addiction Counsellor
Sheldon Rayner - Outreach Addiction Counsellor
Michael Lange - Senior Addiction Counsellor

Taylor Adams - Addiction Counsellor
Shivam Maharaj - Addiction Counsellor
Yashjeet Sidhu - Addiction Counsellor

Angie Filliol - Admissions and Outreach Manager
Sheila Farmer - Program Assistant
Harnaaz Hundal - Outreach Assistant
Lorne Crier - Evening Relief Worker
Andrew Young - Evening Relief Worker
Elaine Armstrong - Evening Relief Worker
Janet Flexhaug - Client Relations Coordinator
Jillian Bevan - Public Relations Coordinator
David Armstrong - Cook
Timothy Perron - Cook
Terry Cavanagh - Maintenance Worker