Resident Testimonials

"For 40 years I abused alcohol, as a functioning addict, capable of having a prosperous career and raising  a family. In that 40 years, I also dabbled in gambling, until it no longer became dabbling and the use of VLT's became a large part of my life. Again, I was able to function, hiding the gambling from my family. However, after being introduced to crack cocaine at the age of 53, I believe that I instantly became an addict. For 18 months I used drugs daily, not slowing at all when I ran out of my savings and had to cash all of my RRSP's. On April 30 of 2015, I quit playing VLTs and started going to a recovery program dedicated to gambling. This only made my drug dealers much happier, as I merely substituted my addictions, and proceeded to use my gambling money for drugs, increasing my drug usage to $1000 per day. My kids were by now calling me a "lying fucking drug addict" and saying that I couldn't be around my grandkids. This wasn't enough to get me to stop, nothing was. It wasn't until a dealer told me that he didn't use drugs "because I don't want to ruin my life" that I realized I had to find a way to stop and stay stopped.


I flew to New Brunswick to detox. While I was there, I was overcome with a huge sense of despair, guilt and shame; what I now know is Acute Withdrawal Syndrome from crack and other drugs. Upon returning to Edmonton, my kids were adamant that I go into treatment, so I reluctantly agreed to go into Henwood. 5 days prior to going into Henwood, on September 23, 2015 I drank and smoked pot for the last time, as per Henwood's requirement. While there, my daughter was busily researching places for me to go and we selected Our House Addiction Treatment .


I am here to say that the treatment that I received at Our House was second to none and very instrumental to my being in recovery still today. As an alumni, I still get counseling on a weekly basis, and I still have relationships with many of the men who lived their previously and who live there today. 

I attend 12 step meetings daily, and I see at least one of my kids every day. No longer am I being reported to Social Services by my kids, and no longer am I viewed as a danger to my grandchildren's well being. In fact, I baby sit regularly, and was actually asked to sit for 3 days and nights recently. No longer am I a pariah, a drag on society. I volunteer every day in the inner city, as I have learned that we are all equal, that some of us have had rough patches but we all deserve to be treated with dignity. All of these are gifts of recovery, gifts that were largely brought to me by Our House and its staff, hard work and recovery groups. I truly believe that I am where I am today because I took the time to fix myself at the House, with the help of its skilled staff."

- Ed B.

"I have struggled extremely with my alcoholism over the last five years. I went to five different treatment centers before coming to Our House. The length of time for these co-ed treatment centers where from 4 weeks to 3 months. My sobriety after these treatment centers would only last 3 to 9 months.


Alcoholism to me is a mental illness that progressed to a havoc way of hopeless thinking. Before arriving at Our House my thoughts where 95% negative. These thoughts made feel 95% negative towards myself and the world.


The program (modules) and one on one counselling helped me gradually change and practice positive thinking. I remember only having 1 good day a week after a month, then 2 good days after 2 months and so on. That is why I am so grateful for the 1 year program that Our House offers which I carry on today with 95% Hope because I have learned recovery is a daily reprieve based on my daily practices. I now have Freedom from addiction, my obsession was lifted and I don't think at all about drinking and actually I don't think about not drinking which is a great Freedom and Peace of Mind.


I now enjoy the little things in life like my 4 little grandkids which I actually babysit at times which is a miracle itself. I discovered that true happiness is to love and to be loved nothing more. Its also important for me to have human connection which I get from family and the fellowship of my 12 Step Program. And I am 19.5 months clean & sober as of today Sept 19, 2018."

- Patrick K. 2018

Hello my name is Viktor and I am an addict. I have been battling addiction since I was 14 years old. I am now nearing my fourth birthday clean and sober at the age of 42.

Addiction almost took my life. I was fortunate enough to find my place in Our House recovery centre. I held on tightly as I navigated my way through that process for 18 months with the support of the wonderful staff.

My life, as a result, is full of promise. I have my family back, I have my business back. I also get to watch my kids grow up with a clear mind and heart.

Without recovery nothing is possible. With recovery, anything is possible. Keep up the good fight friends.

- Viktor D. 2021

My name is Shane, and I am a grateful, recovering addict. I began my journey of recovery 17 years ago after I lost my mother to suicide. My mother’s death was almost expected as she had been in and out of the mental hospital since I was 13 years old, but nevertheless it was a traumatizing event that sent me straight into a heavy downward spiral with an addiction to crack cocaine. After a hard bottom, I went to Henwood in 2002. I was relieved to have found a tried-and-proven formula to live a clean and sober life through 12-step meetings. Once clean, I decided to better my life by finishing my high school, upgrading, then going to college at NAIT. I graduated with a diploma in Construction Engineering Technology. I met the most beautiful woman in the world, both inside and out, and she invited me to church. I gave my life over to Jesus and we were married soon after. We had two beautiful daughters, bought a house, and life was amazing. In February of 2014 we had a son who we named Elijah. Elijah was in and out of the Stollery and when he was two years old, we found out he had a very rare genetic disorder. I did not deal with my feelings around Elijah`s disorder; I tried to stay busy working and disassociated. I relapsed after 5 years clean and started using opiates like fentanyl. I ended up separating from my wife and children, selling our house, and living on the streets for 3 months. My old sponsor and friend has been clean for 19 years and he recommended Our House. I went to detox, they helped me fill out an application to Our House and before I knew it, I was accepted into Our House, where I still live. God Bless Our House.

- Shane M. 2021